Life Straws
The Rotary Club of Ogden is embarking on a joint venture with the Rotary Club of Calcutta, India. Together, we will save the lives and health of hundreds of children in the poorer districts of Calcutta. Almost one thousand LifeStraws are being distributed to those children. These hand-held units remove over 90% of the impurities in drinking water.

Around the world, 6,000 children die every day because of unsafe water. Our two Rotary clubs are striving to reduce this dreadful number.

Both Rotary clubs are contributing to the cost of this life-saving program.  The Rotary Club of Calcutta is making individual distributions of the LifeStraws to assure they are actually received and used only by the most needy children.

We are aware that the single largest cause (50%) of human sickness and health-related death in the world is water-sourced diseases. Our two Rotary clubs are attacking this problem.